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Mapping the entire U.S. in 3-D

Budget clouds 3-D mapping of entire U.S.

Budget clouds 3-D mapping of entire U.S.

Even in flusher times, the idea of hiring Cessna crews to bounce laser light off every square meter of the United States over the course of eight years sounded like a hard sell. Lidar, or light detection and ranging, has been used in the U.S.

Avoiding the China comsat trap

ANALYSIS: Avoiding the China comsat trap

ANALYSIS: Avoiding the China comsat trap

You know the legislative season is in full swing when the annual tough talk about China morphs into bill language. Wording in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act would require gobs of paperwork – including an assessment by the director of national intelligence — before the military ever again leases satellite bandwidth from a company owned partly by China. For good measure, the bill tosses in North Korea and any countries on the U.

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Test your analytic skills

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House intel chair skeptical of Putin

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Republicans and Democrats appear to have at least one opinion in common: Media...

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Chinese weather satellites to the rescue?

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NOAA has been keeping the wraps on a report that suggests coping with a...

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