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TEXT: Army statement on LEMV cancellation

A single flight over the New Jersey pines last August was not enough to convince the Army to continue work on the Long Endurance Multi Intelligence Vehicle, a 302-foot long airship that by now should have been spotting IEDs in Afghanistan. Prime contractor Northrop Grumman referred inquiries to the Army, which issued this statement:

LEMV last August on its first and only flight. Credit: U.S. Army

"The Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle (LEMV), a hybrid air vehicle, is
a technology demonstration project administered by the U.S. Army Space and
Missile Defense Command. This project was initially designed to support
operational needs in Afghanistan in Spring 2012; it will not provide a
capability in the timeframe required. Due to technical and performance
challenges, and the limitations imposed by constrained resources, the Army has
determined to discontinue the LEMV development effort."

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  1. For half the cost of a years POTUS vacation travel the LEMV could have deployed and made significant contribution to aerial C4ISR. For the cost of DHS ammunition purchases it could conduct OT&E on US borders for 3.2 years. Maybe if we are at war the next time something like this comes along we will seize it.

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